Unique wooden sculpture 23 inches tall. Stunning golf art possible depicting the great Ben Hogan - Consigned by a dealer in American Folk Art for more than 50 years (read Full Account) More images available if needed

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TitleUnique wooden sculpture 23 inches tall. Stunning golf art possible depicting the great Ben Hogan - Consigned by a dealer in American Folk Art for more than 50 years (read Full Account) More images available if needed
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The consignor has been dealing in sculpture especially in the US, specializing in wood carvings for half a century, and this, in every respect, is the most accomplished carving that he has come across. The glowing patina is superb, giving it the appearance of mellow bronze. It is unique, one-of-a-kind, which of course explains why you?ve not seen it before. Extensive internet research leads him to this conclusion. Regarding the Ben Hogan attribution, the strongest evidence is that it simply, clearly and certainly, looks like a youthful Mr. Hogan, without doubt. Animated portraiture. Nicknamed The Hawk and The Bantam (he was a lithe 145 pounds) his face, with it?s raptor-like profile is unmistakable and recognizable. Hogan was famous for his huge hands which are clearly rendered in the carving. Importantly, Hogan had a unique grip, interlocking his index finger with his pinky. This too, is clearly rendered in the carving (The only flaw in the carving, which can easily be restored, is a small damage to three fingertips. This can be seen in the club of his hands, attached below.). There is little doubt, if one is familiar with Hogan?s visage, that this is the man. The clothing and the ?deco? styled hair, indicate a date of late 1930?s through early 1940s. - There is an escutcheon carved into the front of the base that seems to be waiting for an engraved message that was never carved into it. The underside of the base has a drilled hole which, I believe, indicates that it was, at one time, attached to something.

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